PPG Minutes - January 2024



  • Attendance:  Malcolm Alexander, Batya Beverley Wiles, Hector Miller-Bakewell, Thi Vu, Jennifer Neil
  • Staff: Sherry – Practice Manager, Olga – Administrator

1. CQC Inspection of the Allerton Practice? 

The CQC reported that Allerton services were Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, Well-led (all described as good), but they did not interview patients, except for the PPG Chair and did not show much interest in the issues that he brought up with them. Their claim that information was gathered from patients and the public cannot be substantiated except through online comments and national patient surveys. The practice performed badly on child immunisations. 


2. Clear information about additional services and how to access them is required

e.g. which of those services are available at Allerton and which are available from other GP practices in the Neighbourhood? Clear information needed for staff and patients. The ones we have been advised of are: 

Table in appendix for more Information Re Access to these Services

  • Sheila Garcia: Diabetes nurse
  • Rebecca East: Physio
  • Suyur Sehriban: Social Prescriber
  • Issaka Sannie: Care Coordinator
  • Joseph Larkai: Clinical Pharmacists
  • Bharat Uppala: Clinical Pharmacists
  • James Miller: Paramedic
  • Titilayo Oliyide: Phlebotomist
  • Miné Aslan: Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Amanda Chalk: Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Farah El-Miligui: Clinical Psychologist
  • Shaqipe Humoilli: Health and Wellbeing Coach
  • Tabranie Said: Healthcare Assistant
  • Binu Varghese: Practice Nurse
  • Arthur Tadique: Heart failure Nurse

3. Increased number of GPs.

It is difficult for patients with chronic conditions to see the same doctor each time they make an appointment. Attempts have been made to employ an additional GP but this has failed. 

Action: We need to know the Hurley strategy for ensuring that the availability of GPs meets the needs of patients with chronic conditions? 


4. Pharmacy 

The process for ordering repeat prescriptions, including controlled drugs needs to be reviewed. Some patients find it difficult to get the correct medications when they request repeat prescriptions, especially when they are unwell. 

Action: Place this item on the agenda for the next PPG and produce a guidance note for patients responding to questions raised by patients. 


5. Ear syringing – ear wax removal 

The practice bought a new ear syringing machine in 2022, but the nursing staff have not been trained to use the machine and have stated that ear syringing is only for the over 65s. 

Allerton patients will only receive ear wax removal if they are referred to ENT or if they go to a shop or supermarket where the service is available at a cost, e.g. Specsavers charge £55 for both ears. Patients who cannot afford the cost may suffer hearing loss. 

Action: Ear wax removal should be available in the practice for all patients of 65 and over and staff should be trained to use the machine bought by Hurley for this purpose.


6. Toe Nail Cutting for Older People 

Many older people cannot cut their own toe nails because of problems with arthritis in their knees. Patients may be advised to go to Hoxton Health in St Leonards Hospital, which will cost them £40.00. A fee which will be too much for many pensioners and can lead to patients suffering harm when they try to cut their own toe nails. If patients have diabetes they will be referred to NHS foot care where their nails will be cut safely. The NHS does not fund toe nail cutting as part of the GP contract. 

Action: The PPG has campaigned for the North East London NHS to fund toe nail cutting for all people of 65 years and older and has writen to the Hackney Neighbourhoods asking them to agree to fund this service. An agreement has been reached to start a pilot project in City and Hackney. 


7. Update on Allerton Premises Improvement

The application for building works at Allerton Road had been delayed, because the cost of the works has increased significantly. The works include additional consultation rooms and a lift to the first floor. Richard Bull from NEL NHS has offered advice to the Hurley GP practice, and they are currently in the process of getting an additional quotation for the first-floor area. Richard said: ” I believe the ICB is doing all that it can, although there are one or two loose ends that need tying off from our side. Recently the ICB agree to pay Hurley the outstanding uplift on their rent going back to 2013. Hurley need this money to pay for the additional works to the first floor to unblock thia issue. Air conditioning units will not be replaced until works on the ground floor are being undertaken. 


8. Weighing Machine for Wheelchair Users

The PPG would like a weighing machine to be located in the Woodberry Wetlands area so that patients are not forced to travel to St Leonard’s to be weighed. Regular local weighing facilities are essential. 

Action: PPG to ask the Neighbourhood/PCN to agree to this service improvement  and therefore to act in compliance with the Equality Act. 


9. Local Secondary Care Services

When there are no local hospital appointments for a particular speciality, can appointments be offered at other locations providing secondary care, e.g. dermatology and ENT. Choose and Book should be the source of alternative locations but can be unwieldly and sometimes only give a single choice. 

Action: Invite NEL NHS speaker to next PPG meeting to explain how the Choose and Book system works. 


Other Issues

When will the doctor call?  When patients get a message to say that a doctor will call within a particular time slot, patients need to be told if the doctor cannot call within that time slot. Otherwise patients assume that the doctor will not call and may become unavailable. 

Action: A simple message needs to be sent to the patient to say: Time Slot Altered – Dr will call within the new time slot:xxxx


Improving communications with Patients. Hurley to arrange meeting with Tiah, their communications lead to discuss improving communications with  patients. 

Despite requests from PPG not appointment with Tiah has yet been arranged. 

Date of next meeting: April 24 at 6pm. not possible



Practitioner Service Where Provided How to Access Other Info
Amanda Chalk       Wellbeing Practitioner Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Arthur Tadique      Heart failure Nurse Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Bharat Uppala        Clinical Pharmacists Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Binu Varghese       Practice Nurse Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Farah El-Miligui     Clinical Psychologist Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Issaka Sannie       Care Coordinator Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
James Miller  Paramedic Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Joseph Larkai       Clinical Pharmacists Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Miné Aslan             Wellbeing Practitioner Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Rebecca East        Physiotherapist Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Shaqipe Humoilli Health and Wellbeing Coach Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Sheila Garcia        Diabetes nurse Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Suyur Sehriban    Social Prescriber Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Tabranie Said        Healthcare Assistant Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A
Titilayo Oliyide       Phlebotomist Allerton Road Contact the Practice N/A