Patient Participation Group Minutes




Upcoming Patient Participation Group Meeting

Date: Tuesday 11th July 2023
Time: 6:00pm

Location: on site at SMA Medical Centre


  1. Retirement of Sue Shepherd, Practice Manager, and saying thank you to her for her great work at Allerton
  2. Practice building improvement work at Allerton - how the  building will be improved for patients
  3. What is PATIENTS KNOW BEST? Who runs it? How can we trust an organisation we know nothing about to hold our private data?
  4. Meeting with one of the clinical practitioners to tell us more  about their role.
  5. Patient Choice in effective communications from Allerton - opting in and out
  6. Extended service in the Neighbourhood. What is available to patients and how do we get access?
  7. Weekend appointments – availability
  8. Access to advocacy services for patients who wish to raise issues or concerns

Meeting will end at 7pm.

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